Comune di Vicenza

Vicenza: città patrimonio dell'Unesco

Exhibition route

The Civic Art Gallery has expanded around the original nucleus of the Palladio palazzo over the years. An extension was made to the west in the nineteenth century and a building was added on the south side to house the museum’s expanded collection.

In these spaces, the works have been exhibited in different ways, the last of which dates back to the eighties of the twentieth century and was inspired by a chronological sequence.

On the occasion of the restoration works in the entire complex of the Civic Art Gallery, the exhibition has been completely redesigned, creating a dialogue between content and container, while maintaining a chronological sequence.

Today, the opening of the Civic Art Gallery is limited to the palladian wing, whose restoration was completed in December 2013. On the main floor of the building, there is the exhibition of the '500 and '600 centuries, contemporary to the building: paintings, sculptures and applied art that you could really admire in an aristocratic mansion at the time.

When the restoration will be completed, you will have access to the renovated wing of the twentieth century (which will collect works from the Middle Ages to 500, with rooms dedicated to the lunettes of the Podestà and the reconstruction of the destroyed Church of St. Bartholomew), and nineteenth-century wing (which will host works from the late seventeenth century to the twentieth century.)

The exhibition routes proposed here are organized chronologically.