Comune di Vicenza

Vicenza: città patrimonio dell'Unesco

The Natural History and Archaeological Museum

The Natural History and Archaeological Museum, housed since 1991 in the area of the cloisters of Santa Corona, is divided into two sections: Naturalistic and Archaeological. The first is devoted to the illustration of the characteristics of the territory, especially that of Berici, its specific environment also includes several endemic species of flora and fauna.
A special attention is devoted to the hills of Vicenza in the Archaeological section too, in its showcases is present a rich documentation of stone tools, evidence of human presence on Berici from the Middle Paleolithic, and then continue with the presentation of Neolithic settlements and the Bronze Age in the Valleys of Fimon, from where come the famous vases square mouth of the village of Molino Casarotto.
The Iron Age is reflected from materials of various settlements among which we mention the one located in the city center of Vicenza, near the present Piazzetta S. Giacomo, from here come dozens of votive  figurative bronze leaf attesting the activity of this place of worship from the fourth to the first century. a. C.
The Roman period is represented expecially  by the decorative and architectural remains of the Roman theater of Berga, and by some mosaic fragments from the city center. From Rome, however, comes a collection of ancient statuary, a gift from Girolamo Egidio Di Velo in the early nineteenth century.
The exhibition ends with a rich documentation of the presence of the Lombards in the Vicenza area

Museo Naturalistico Archeologico
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