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Still life with fruit, parrot and rabbits (Allegory of Autumn)

AuthorJacob van der Kerckhoven, detto Giacomo da Castello
Period(Anversa, 1637 - Venezia, 1712)
SupportoTela, 116x158,5
InventoryA 268

This is one of the many examples of “genre” painting – comprising battle scenes, landscapes, seascapes, real or fantastic architectures, caprices and still life – that decorated palace interiors in the seventeenth-eighteenth century and suited the taste of the private collectors of the time.

Jacob van der Kerckhoven, one of the most well-known still life specialists active in the Veneto territory, shows here, with meticulous care for detail, a “cascade” of fruit and vegetables which, starting from the top right-hand corner of the painting, comes down in a diagonal that divides the canvas in two. The artist paints the products of the earth typical of the autumn season – bunches of grapes, pomegranates and pumpkins – using warm tones, brown and reddish colours, chosen with the intention of representing an Allegory of Autumn. The crystalline light coming from the left of the painting freezes the colours, making them sparkling and bright. The skilful layout of the composition, of baroque origin, divided asymmetrically, expresses the painter’s original perception of space and his undeniable talent.

Besides its apparent simplicity, the work is charged with hidden meanings and enigmatic allusions: two shy rabbits appear and a parrot with gaudy plumage, figures which symbolise lust, while the fruits chosen by the artist are a clear reference to fertility and sensuality.

Descrizione figurativa

Questa tela di Jacob van Der Kerckhoven, detto Giacomo da Castello (1637-1712) appartiene alla cosiddetta "pittura di genere", fatta di paesaggi, marine, capricci e nature morte, che decoravano i palazzi dei nobili nel sei-settecento. L'autore, un autentico specialista di natura morta, qui raffigura con straordinario realismo un'autentica "cascata" di frutta ed ortaggi, tipicamente autunnali, vale a dire grappoli d'uva, melograni e zucche, che sembrano scendere in diagonale dall'alto a destra verso il basso a sinistra. Ma non ci sono solo i frutti della terra rappresentati in questa composizione, poiché un pappagallo dallo sgargiante piumaggio sulla sinistra e due teneri coniglietti in basso a destra rimandano a significati allusivi della lussuria, mentre i frutti e gli ortaggi scelti dall'artista ricordano fertilità e sensualità.

Descrizione audio

This work belongs to the exhibition route:

Musei Civici Vicenza - Museo civico di Palazzo Chiericati, Piazza Matteotti 37/39 Vicenza - phone (+39) 0444 222811 -

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