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Pubblicazioni naturalistiche








Natura Vicentina n. 16 (2012)-2013

Buzzetti F.M., Battiston R., Fontana P., Da Lago A. - Changes in orthopterans populations on Colli Berici (Vicenza - NE Italy) in the years 2008-2013. Pag. 5-16.

Battiston R., Amerini R. - Distribution of the red squirrel Sciurus vulgaris (RodENtIA: SCIuRIdAE) in the province of Vicenza: synurbation and colonization of lowland areas in anthropic landscapes. Pag. 17-27.

Martello G. V. - The Desmids (Chlorophyta, Zygnematophyceae) of the Lasteati lakes (Mountainous group of the Lagorai - TN - Italy). Pag. 29-71.

Tasinazzo S. - Update of the vascular flora of Berici Hills (Vicenza - NE Italy) 2° contribution. Pag. 73-80.

Segnalazioni floristiche venete 461-503. Pag. 81-102.


  • Masin R, Scortegagna S.- Alien flora of the Central and Southern Veneto region (provinces of Padua, Rovigo, Venice and Vicenza Veneto - NE Italy ). Pag. 5-54.
  • Martello G.V.- The Desmids (Chlorophyta, Zygnematophyceae) of the Fimon Lake (Berici Hills - VI - NE  Italy). Pag.  55-74.
  • De Angeli A.- Lessinicarcinus n. gen., a new genus for Titanocarcinus euglyphos Bittner, 1875 (Crustacea, Brachyura, Pilumnidae) from the Eocene of Veneto territory (Northern Italy). Pag. 75 84.
  • Battiston R., Buzzetti F.M. - New data on thermophilic insects: new ecological corridors and colonization strategies in anthropogenic environments (Reticulitermes lucifugus, Ameles spallanzania, Acrida ungarica, Libelloides longicornis). Pag. 85-94.
  • Argenti C., Dal Lago A.- Herbarium of Zoldana Valley (BL) by Matteo Del Favero. Pag. 95-113.

  • Masin R., Scortegagna S.- The vascular flora, in the middle course of the River Brenta between Bassano del Grappa Bridge and Limena bridge (Veneto - NE Italy),pp. 5-41.
  • Tasinazzo S.-- Update of the vascular flora of Berici Hills (Vicenza - NE Italy), pp. 43-56.
  • Floristic findings from Veneto Region (395-460) pp. 57-87.
  • Dal Lago A., Quaggiotto E.- Antonio De Gregorio and the paleonthological collections of the Civic Museum of Vicenza. pp. 89-97.
  • Cerato E., Meteorological observations in Vicenza, pp. 99-158.

  • Masin R.,  Bertani G., Favaro G., Pellegrini B., Tietto C., Zampieri A.M., Annotations on thefl ora of Venice Province (NE Italy), pp. 5-106.
  • MartelloG.V., The Desmids (Chlorophyta, Zygnematophyceae) of the Iuribrutto Lake (Paneveggio - Pale di S. Martino Natural Park - TN), pp. 107-130.
  • CeratoE. Climatic characteristics of the Berici Hills, pp. 131-198.
  • Segnalazioni floristiche venete: 346 – 394, pp.199-223.

  • Masin R., Bertani G., Cassanego L., Favaro G., Tietto C. - Investigations on the vascular flora of the delta basin of the river Po and the neighboring territories (NE Italy), pp. 5-93.
  • Scortegagna S., - Flora of the venetian part of the Asiago plateau (Eastern pre-alps, Vicenza province), pp. 95-183.
  • Martello G.V., The Desmids (Chlorophyta, Zygnematophyceae) of St. Lorenzo peat-bog, on the Sette Comuni Plateau-Enego (VI), pp. 185-217.
  • Ferretto M., Bonesi L., Guidolin L., - First data on the distribution of the American mink in the Province of Vicenza, pp. 219-232.
  • FerrettoM., Pereswiet-Soltan A., - New data on Chiroptera distribution in the Lessinia Hills (province of Vicenza, north-east Italy),pp. 233-238.


Pubblicazioni Archeologiche

free downloadable book

L'eredità di una ricerca - Calchi in gesso di medaglie di Valerio Belli

The great artist from Vicenza, Valerio Belli (1468? 1546), was also considered a master in making medals.
Paradoxically, the combination between Valerio Belli and his medals seems to have dissolved in a relatively short time, with the consequence that the attribution to Valerio of the authorship of his own creations remained almost impossible for hundreds years.
In the second half of the XIX century, an abbot from Vicenza, Antonio Magrini, began a research on Valerio Belli, which constituted a fundamental step in the rediscovery of his medals.
During the research, Magrini succeeded in obtaining a series of plaster copies of Valerio's medals from some of the major European museums.
Now, the book by Armando Bernardelli, which can be downloaded for free from this site, traces the events of the investigation by Antonio Magrini, presents numerous unpublished documents as well as the scientific catalog of 105 plaster medals taken from originals by Valerio Belli, preserved in the civic collection of Vicenza, and proposes reflections on aspects of the activity of Valerio Belli as a medalist.

Click here for e-book version (76 mb)

Click here for pdf version


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