Comune di Vicenza

Vicenza: città patrimonio dell'Unesco

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The museum’s educational contribution was increased following agreements with the Associazione Culturale Studio D - archeologia didattica museologia of Padua, Ardea Associazione per la Didattica Museale, the Cooperativa Biosphaera di Ala (Trento) and the Cooperativa Scatolacultura, collabotating with the Museum in the organization and management of educational tours at exposures archaeological and natural permanent seat, and with the holding of workshop activities.

Educational plan Poft 2016-2017


Musei Civici Vicenza - Museo Naturalistico Archeologico, Contrà S. Corona, 4 Vicenza – phone (+39) 0444 320440 – (+39) 0444 222815 -

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